At what distance to plant cucumbers

Approximately, somewhere in the middle of May, you need to start planting cucumbers. In order for a good harvest and minimal care for cucumbers, it is best to choose hybrid seeds (F1, Manul, etc.)

Cucumbers can be grown in two ways: vertical and horizontal. Regardless of which planting method you choose, you definitely need to know at what distance to plant cucumbers.

The distance between the cucumber bushes can vary from 40 to 60 cm. So, what is the best distance to plant cucumbers?

If you chose the vertical method of planting cucumbers, then the distance between the bushes should be approximately 40 cm.If the planting method is horizontal, then the distance between the bushes should be 60 cm.

For horizontal planting, ordinary small round beds are usually used. And for vertical planting, narrow beds are used, the length of which can vary from 2 meters or more.

If you want to harvest the maximum number of cucumbers, then it is recommended to use the vertical method of planting cucumbers.

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