Gladiolus flowers in the photo will not leave anyone indifferent

Gladiolus flowers in the photo will not leave anyone indifferent. Having looked gladiolus flowers in the photo, you remain under the impression of extraordinary beauty for a long time.

For good growth, development and flowering of plants, it is necessary to properly care for. Care begins with the selection of corms... By choosing good corms, you will be provided with long, luxurious flowering and the plant will give a normal generation. Give preference to small corms, more is not better. Large shriveled corms with a concave bottom indicate a long shelf life, which means they will not bloom luxuriantly and are unlikely to give healthy offspring. Opt for medium planting material with a healthy bottom.

We figured out the planting material, now we choose landing site... It should be sunny so that the plant receives a lot of sunlight during the period of active growth and replacement of corms. And the moisture after the rains should dry out quickly, as it badly affects the growth of the plant and stagnation can lead to death.

Prepare the soil before planting, dig up the ground twice, taking away weeds, stones, branches. Enrich it with compost, humus or peat with mineral fertilizers. If the soil on the site is heavy, then when digging, add peat, ash and sand. These components will make its structure lighter and more airy, which is necessary for gladioli.

Corms are planted to a depth 10 - 12 cm. Dig a hole 15 cm deep and add 3 cm sand, put corms and sprinkle with sand. In this case, the sand will perform a drainage function so that the soil dries out more quickly and the corms do not rot. Plants are planted at a distance of 15 cm from each other. This is the optimal distance at which it is convenient to care for them.

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