Pink peonies in the photo

Take a look pink peonies on photoh don't they attract you? With almost one hundred percent certainty, we can say that you are very attracted to them, because these are wonderful bright floral specimens that can be grown in your garden.

It is necessary to plant peonies in the third decade of August or early September, then by winter they will already take root. Pink peonies in the photo will be able to show all the charm of their flowering.

Peonies grow very well on loamy, loose soils. It is important that the site is fairly sunny and does not have groundwater, since peonies will grow poorly in such a site, and also die. The roots of these plants penetrate very deeply into the soil, therefore, in order to plant peonies, it is necessary to dig a hole, the depth of which will be at least 70 cm and 60 cm wide.It is recommended to add 2-3 buckets of humus or weathered peat to each hole. Lime and ash are also added there. All this is mixed well.

Peony after planting is necessary well polybe. If the bush has dropped strongly after watering and the buds are below the ground, then it must be pulled up and filled up with the earth. A mound of 10-15 cm must be made over the base of the bush. It is important that the buds are not below the edges of the pit.

For the winter peonies it is advisable to cover with dry leaves or twigsm. This should be done when the ground is well frozen. In the spring, the shelter is carefully removed when sprouts appear, then feeding is carried out with mullein or bird droppings. The plant is fed the second time when the buds are formed, and the third time it is done after flowering.

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