Growing dicenter and caring for it

Cultivation of dicenter will give you great pleasure because this flower is quite unpretentious. But in the latter case, flowering begins a little later.

Dicenter, photo which allows you to imagine the appearance of this unusual plant, resembles a small heart split in half. By the way, its leaves are like a fern.

Dicenter and its cultivation

After choosing a planting site, pay attention to the soil composition. It should be nutritious, light and moderately moist. In the fall, you need to dig up the earth and add humus with mineral fertilizers to it.

Dicenter, cultivation which is associated with constant care, loves feeding three times a day throughout the season. In addition, you need to remove weeds and loosen the ground directly under the bushes.

In dry time the bleeding center is beautiful needs abundant watering with soft water. Remember to remove faded brushes to prolong flowering time.

If a the bleeding center is magnificent was planted in spring, it is necessary to ensure that frost does not destroy the flower. To do this, it is recommended to cover the bush with a non-woven lightweight material that protects it from low temperatures. In the morning, the shelter can be removed. Despite the fact that the dicentra belongs to frost-resistant plants, it is advisable to carry out mulching for prevention.

It can be propagated by dividing the bush, by root or green cuttings.

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