Growing morning glory in pots

Growing morning glory most often practiced by those hobbyists who have large free areas of soil that need to be sown. Morning glory is a fairly voluminous plant, which, depending on the variety, reaches 2-3 meters.

Morning glory by its characteristics is a bindweed, therefore it needs a certain support for growth. Morning glory is an annual plant, therefore, it lives less than a year, blooming in June and continuing to bloom until October, if it is planted at the right time (for species planted directly into the ground - the second half of May).

For the sky-blue morning glory, the seeds of which are the most psychoactive, sowing seeds for seedlings is carried out (after soaking for 12 hours) in February - March, transplanted into open ground from April to May.

You can get the result if the cultivation of morning glory is carried out by simply planting seeds. in spacious pots with good land. Small sprouts need to be protected from the hot sun (wilted plants are temporarily placed away from the window) and watered well.

You can take pots (the optimal volume is 3 liters), pour in 2 - 2.5 centimeters drainage (expanded clay or just small pebbles), fill the rest of the space with floral universal soil and plant sprouts (from 5 to 11 centimeters) obtained from seeds in these pots. It is also a good idea to use drainage mixed with charcoal.

Ipomoea needs a lot of sunshine and warmth... About 50 seeds ripen on one plant (a normal trip is formed from about 150-200 seeds). The larger the pot, the more intense the morning glory will grow.

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