Huge benefits of Chinese cabbage

For a long time, Chinese cabbage did not arouse interest among domestic buyers. As a result, the price has become affordable and it has become very popular.

Benefits of Chinese cabbage invaluable, it has a delicate taste, rich in nutrients and nutrients. In terms of vitamin C content, it is in no way inferior to white cabbage. It contains a lot vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and B12 and PPwhich is rarely found in products. With a lack of vitamin PP in people, a slowed down nervous reaction. This vitamin is found in rye bread and radishes. But not everyone eats bread for one reason or another, and Chinese cabbage is a great alternative to getting PP.

It contains small amounts of citric acid and carotene. In this regard, she is a good preservative. Having prepared a salad with Chinese cabbage in the evening, in the morning it will look just as good and have good taste.

The advantage of Chinese cabbage over white cabbage is that it is very well kept and retains all useful properties. And besides, it is resistant to pests and diseases, which allows farms to avoid adding chemical additives. This means that the product grown in natural conditions is extremely beneficial to health.

When preparing it no specific smellspreading throughout the apartment. Agree, this is a big plus.

Peking cabbage is very similar in appearance to cabbage lettuce, because of this similarity it is called lettuce. Yes, it is not surprising, because this is the most juicy variety of cabbage, and its young leaves are a good substitute for lettuce leaves, suitable for making various salads and sandwiches.

Do not neglect the dense white part of the sheets, since it is in it that all the vitamins and juice are contained. Now you know what a huge benefit of Chinese cabbage, include it in your diet and enjoy the delicate bite and aroma. After all, it is also suitable for borscht, cabbage rolls, salads.

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