How to plant tulips at home - flowers for the new year

How you sometimes want to bring the onset of spring closer! And although we do not know how to control the weather, spring mood can bring home-grown daffodils, crocuses or tulips. If you know how to plant tulips at home, you can even please yourself and surprise your loved ones with fresh flowers for the new year.

Tulip bulbs should have a good skin with 4-5 storage scales, be round and absolutely healthy; the optimal size is 3.5 -5 cm in diameter, weighing from 30 g. Tulip cultivars differ in the duration of bulb cooling during rooting. For early varieties, this period is 16 weeks. It is better to choose several varieties that can bloom by a certain date. The soil for planting tulips can be clean river sand, a mixture of sand and peat, and a mixture of river sand with garden soil.

For the successful cultivation of tulips at home, it is very important to observe the appropriate temperature regime.

  • The first stage is exposure to high temperatures, 23-25 ​​° C for 3 weeks or 34 ° C for 1 week for early distillation. This stage provokes the accelerated laying of flower buds.
  • The second stage is storage at low temperatures. Early forcing requires a temperature of 9 ° C for 10-16 weeks. Low temperatures are a prerequisite for the normal development of the root system and flower stem.

The air humidity around the tulip pots must be kept high. At home, you can put bowls of water near the flower pots. Growth and flowering can be accelerated by spraying the sprouts with warm water 2-3 times a day (until the leaves open).

During the cooling phase, tulips must be protected from sunlight. And shading the shoots in the first 3-5 days will allow you to get longer stems. Therefore, before planting tulips at home, you need to take care of the presence of a dark, cool room or at least a sufficient amount of black plastic wrap.

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