Planting potatoes under straw

These nourishing tubers are far from the last place in our life. Not a single day of human Slavic life not complete without potatoes... After all, its cubes or slices are an integral part of the first courses so beloved by us at lunchtime.

therefore growing potatoes and improving this process in our country is of tremendous food value.

In our memory, this activity is captured in the form of dug holes, in which several potato tubers are placed, and then they are again sprinkled with earth. Well, the main task of the vegetable grower remains the fight against the Colorado potato beetle, which inevitably seeks to destroy our labors.

Do you know planting potatoes under straw? Now it seems like something incredible, but our ancestors experienced this method many times. The essence of the method is that planting material is covered with a layer of straw... And that's it! As a result, the harvest is in no way inferior to that which was obtained in the traditional way. In addition, the tubers are absolutely clean and have the best presentation.

Planting potatoes under straw has a lot of advantages, since it frees gardeners from heavy incessant physical labor:

  • no need to dig a garden and pore over symmetrically located pits;
  • no need to worry about watering and hilling potato bushes;
  • you can simply forget about the Colorado voracious beetles as a nightmare;
  • the yield at the exit pleases with abundance and ecological cleanliness.

Sounds very tempting, doesn't it? Why not try this method personally? Set aside a small area in your garden, get some straw and start growing your potato crop!

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