Planting marigolds for seedlings

Marigolds are herbaceous plants. There are about 30 kinds marigolds. However, all species are unpretentious in care, while growing quite quickly, they can easily withstand drought, and are very fond of warmth and light.

Marigold reproduce by seedswhich can be sown directly into open ground in early summer. But it is best to grow seedlings in greenhouse conditions, and only then plant them in open ground.

Planting marigolds for seedlings at home should be carried out in early or mid-spring. For any kind of marigolds, nutrient soil, constant temperature within the range from 18 to 20 degrees, and moderate watering especially at the initial stage of growing seedlings.

For indoor cultivation, pots or boxes with multiple holes are suitable. At the bottom there must be drainage about three centimeters thick. The top layer of the earth must be made loose for air supply.

It is best to sow sprouted seeds, carefully laying them out into prepared grooves at a distance of about one centimeter and cover them with a layer of earth about one and a half centimeters thick. Planting marigolds for seedlings does not end there. The prerequisites are enough light and moisture, and maintaining a moderate temperature regime.

Marigold sprouts should appear after 3-5 days. If the seedlings sit too densely, then it is necessary to perform pick.

Ready seedlings are planted in an open area only late May - early June.

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