Asplenium care

Do you want to have a beautiful green flower at home that will decorate your home and delight with its beauty and positive energy? Then you should study the topic of "caring for asplenium", because this is really the flower that will meet your requirements.

There are over 700 species in the genus Asplenium, as well as over 100 hybrids. Asplenium is perennial tropical fern, which can be both miniature and gigantic. Leaves come in a variety of shapes, from the simplest to the four-fingered.

Asplenium care
pretty simple. It is enough to follow a few simple requirements, and your flower will answer you with gratitude.

It is advisable to use the soil rich in humus. It is necessary that the substrate be loose and contain a large amount of peat and sod land.

Lighting should be light or slightly shaded. But the sun should not hit the plant, as this can lead to burns. In winter, asplenium is necessary put in partial shade.

In watering, it is important not to allow the soil to dry out, but remember that excessive moisture can lead to root rot. The flower does not require high humidity. It is worth feeding every 2 weeks in the summer.

Asplenium loves moderate temperatures. At night, it is desirable to be cool. The most suitable temperature is 15-20 degrees.

The plant reproduces by dividing the plant, by spores, by children formed from brood buds.
Asplenium can be affected by the scabbard. If extremely dry or cold air is present, the edges of the leaves may turn brown.

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