Cultivation of knifophy

Evergreens are striking in their diversity and beauty. Known about 70 kinds bnifofii, however, all types are different exotic form of inflorescenceresembling burning torches.

Knifofia blooms for a very long time, from spring to autumn. In most cases, preference is given to the cultivation of berry knifophya.

When creating special conditions cultivation of knifofia possibly in our region. This vibrant evergreen can be planted in a sunny or slightly shaded area. The soil should be not only fertile, but also well moistened. However, do not excessively moisten the soil, since stagnant water can lead to the death of bniphophia.

Cultivation of knifofia also means proper care. The plant needs fertilization. Therefore, in early spring it is recommended fertilize the soil with potash fertilizers... Removal of weeds near the knifofia, as well as periodic loosening of the soil, are mandatory.

In order for the plant to successfully overwinter, before the onset of cold weather, the amazing inflorescences of knifofia must be cut off, and the plant itself must be covered with a special insulating material, for example, a film or roofing material.

Pests such as spider mite and thrips, quite often infect knifofia. To combat them, it is necessary to carry out spraying special preparations.

The wrong choice of soil, as well as non-compliance with the recommendations for watering, can lead to rotting of the roots of knifophya.

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