White-headed thyroid and caring for him

Plant griffon worm also known as griffon hydrocotyl. At home, the plant needs tropical aquarium with a temperature of 22-28 degrees. Having reached the surface of the water, its leaves begin to creep along it, creating a shadow. Usually they are thinned out so that the shadow is not too strong.

The hardness and acidity of the water is not important to the plant, but when the temperature drops, it stops growing... The white-headed worm may degrade in stagnant water, therefore it is required regular water changes in aquarium. The plant is also unpretentious to the soil, since it absorbs nutrients from the water with stems and leaves, so the water can be fertilized with special aquarium fertilizers. In no case should fertilizers for indoor plants be used for an aquarium, they will simply destroy all living things there.

Gilrokotila is demanding on lighting. Even in a small shade, the plant begins to shed its leaves and may die. It is recommended to install fluorescent lamps approximately 0.5 volts per liter of volume, operating at least 12 hours a day. Conventional lamps would need more than three times, and they can cause burns on leaves floating on the surface. The shield-worm propagates by cuttings.

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