Planting and caring for petunias

Petunia enjoys special respect among gardeners and gardeners. Its exuberant flowering, variety of colors, shapes and types make the plant desirable on every garden plot and balcony loggia.

Petunia is great for growing in open ground and in pots on terraces... Ampel varieties of petunias have proven themselves well - they look great in hanging pots on verandas in living quarters.

Planting and caring for petunias does not require multiple efforts and financial costs. Petunia seeds are easy to buy at any flower shop. And the huge selection of varieties makes you buy at least up to five sachets.

For open ground, it is convenient to pre- grow petunia seedlings, however, you can do without this and sow the seeds immediately in a permanent place.

Planting and caring for petunias first of all begins with selection of soil... Although this plant is not picky about the soil, preference should still be given to sunny areas with structural, nutritious and loose soil - this way the plant will bloom profusely and for a long time.

Planted seedlings needs soil mulching... Then you need to regularly weed and loosen the soil. Petunia will not refuse fertilizers either - organic, humic and complex mineral dressings are suitable.

Petunia responds well for spraying and frequent watering - this is the key to abundant flowering and lush growth.

When growing petunias in open areas, you should beware of the rains... Water droplets do not have the best effect on the appearance of the delicate flowers and leaves of the plant. Therefore, if this is possible, then it is better to hide boxes and pots with petunias under the roof or other shelters.

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