Field breeder, application in folk medicine

The field breeder belongs to the fleece family. But there is nothing to be surprised at, the family is one.

Field korostavnik is a perennial herb, the height of which ranges from 30 cm to 1 meter. It is densely covered with bristly hairs. The stem is straight with a pinkish flower. The flowering period is long from early summer to frost. You can see this wonderful plant in meadows, forest edges, hills and fallow fields.

Growing area The korostavnik is quite extensive, it is the European part of Russia, the Far East, Western Siberia. And also Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania.

The field scabbard has found application only in traditional medicine.

For medicinal purposes, it is used only the terrestrial part of the plant. It is harvested during the flowering period, naturally, not in late autumn, and dried in the fresh air under a canopy.

Infusion of the field barker it is used to remove toxins from their body. It removes not only toxins formed during the metabolic process, but also as a result of pathological changes in internal organs. It has an expectorant, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect. The infusion is taken orally for bronchitis, cough, diseases of the bladder and cracks in the anus. Effectively used for skin diseases, applied externally. And with the help of grass powder, fleas can be removed.

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