Multicolored African Gerbera

Coming to us from the hottest continent, gerbera it has taken root well in a temperate climate, and pleases many gardeners-florists with its decorative qualities. Besides, gerberas come in completely different colors and shades. Gerbera bouquets firmly took their place on the shelves of flower shops along with roses, carnations, tulips.

Through multiple crosses, from the southern inhabitant, various species of a more persistent culture turned out. Decorative gerberas in the photo Is a real flash of bright colors. This flower also made him popular resistance to wilting. In a bouquet, it can stand up to two weeks, and this is far from every plant can do.

The potted gerbera is very compact. It will fit everywhere, decorate any corner of the room. And the colors can be matched to the interior :) In addition, experts say that it kills germs in the air, thereby effectively purifying it.

Gerbera finicky in care, you need to get used to it. She loves light and warmth, in summer she needs moisture. However, stagnant water can lead to plant death. This flower often affected by gray mold, if it is watered too abundantly or not given fresh air. Gerberas can even get infected from each other if the pots are placed next to each other. Proper care ensures long-term flowering, and bright "daisies" delight caring owners with their impeccable appearance.

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