Planting tulips in spring

Who hasn't admired blooming tulips? It's a great feeling to be in the center tulip field - everyone dreams of visiting it. Planting tulips in spring should be the main topic of discussion.

Of course, they say that tulips need to be planted in the autumn, but sometimes there are situations when it was not possible to plant them in the fall. Maybe you just learned about their unearthly beauty recently, so planting tulips in spring will be very relevant to you.

Leave the bulbs in the refrigerator overnight before planting tulips. After that, having taken them out of the refrigerator in the morning, it is necessary to lower these bulbs in a manganese solution. The solution should be weak in concentration. Leave the bulbs in the solution for 30 minutes, then start planting.

Spring bulbs first planted in a box, which is half covered with earth. The distance between the bulbs should be kept to a minimum. Then the bulbs are sprinkled with earth about five centimeters. This should be done in the month of March and April. The box can be placed on the balcony or in the garden.

If the bulbs are planted directly into the ground, the seedlings will appear much later than the tulips that were planted in the fall. If you bought flowering tulips, then replanting while they are blooming is not worth it.

In order for tulips to bloom and reproduce very beautifully, plant feeding is very necessary. Usually tulips are planted in one place and they can last a very long time. The bulbs should be planted in one hole, 5-10 pieces each. You can decorate tulips with grass or low flowering plants.

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