Indoor flower gardenia jasmine

Gardenia is one of the most beautiful indoor plants. This flower has a huge number of varieties and varieties, among which it is most often grown at home. gardenia jasmine... This flower is quite compact (its height rarely exceeds half a meter), has small glossy leaves and pretty double flowers, exuding a delightful delicate aroma.

Gardenia jasmine extremely whimsical in terms of care... This flower is so capricious that even a grower with extensive experience will have to make a lot of effort to grow it. The key to successful growth and, importantly, abundant flowering of gardenia is maintaining high humidity in the room and regular spraying.

Particular attention should be paid to watering the flower: exceptionally soft (for example, rain or settled water) is suitable for gardenia, since the leaves of the plant dry out from hard water, turn yellow and become lifeless.

Gardenia very sensitive to soil composition and acidity, therefore, the soil in the pot should be regularly impregnated with special compounds containing iron. Do not forget about regular feeding, for which it is best to take potash fertilizers.

However, even the observance of all these conditions does not always guarantee the good development and flowering of gardenia: the plant extremely susceptible to such pestslike scale insects, thrips, spider mites, aphids. If they are found, the flower should be immediately treated with some kind of insecticide preparation, for example, Inta-Vi, Decis or Fitoverm.

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