Care and cultivation of rhododendron

Rhododendron is a genus deciduous, evergreen, and semi-evergreen shrubs... In total, about 800 species of this plant are known.

Rhododendron refers to the heather family... The name of the plant is of Greek origin, and translates as “pink tree».

Rhododendrons grow mainly in climatic conditions of the temperate zone of the Northern Hemisphere, so care and cultivation of rhododendron requires the creation of special conditions.

First of all, it is necessary choose the right place for landing bush. It should be well lit, but at the same time protected from direct sunlight and wind. The soil must be sour... In no case should water stagnation be allowed at the planting site of the rhododendron. It is desirable that there are no trees near the plant with a strong root system protruding to the surface of the earth. Best of all, rhododendrons take root near various bodies of water, i.e. in places with well-humidified air.

Usually rhododendrons planted in spring... For planting, prepare a small hole about half a meter deep and about 80 centimeters wide. When planting several plants, it is necessary to maintain a distance between them from 80 cm to 2 meters, depending on the type of rhododendron. As drainage use mix of sand with broken bricks.

A special role for the successful cultivation of this plant is played by substratewhich ideally should consist of mixtures of high peat, leafy soil and coniferous tree litter... It is also recommended to add mineral fertilizer.

Care and cultivation of rhododendron is impossible to imagine without proper watering. Given the characteristics of the plant, watering is best with river or rain water.

With proper care, rhododendron will constantly delight you with a beautiful flowering.

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