Legume plant and caring for it

This legume is often referred to as the "golden shower" for its luxurious flowering. Golden inflorescences are collected in large brushes hanging beautifully between the leaves... Unfortunately, plant bean not frost resistant. In our cold winters he freezes, true, then it grows back, but it blooms not so abundantly and beautifully as in the more southern regions. Only in some, especially favorable years, he can please the inhabitant of the middle lane with his "golden rain".

For planting legumes, it is better to choose sheltered from the wind, sunny places. The soil must be calcareous, loose, well-drained. Legume care consists of watering, feeding and pruning. Watering is needed only in dry years, feeding is carried out in early spring and late autumn, but not necessarily every year. Pruning produced in early spring when the leaves begin to bloom. Frozen and old or weak branches should be removed. If the plant is used as a canopy, then formative pruning is carried out.

The legume plant reproduces well and seeds, and vegetatively... It is best to propagate with seeds collected from plants that have already acclimatized in your area of ​​residence. Seeds are sown in spring, but they require long-term stratification. Instead of stratification, you can scald them with boiling water, treat them with concentrated sulfuric acid for about half an hour, or rub the peel with sandpaper. Can be propagated vegetatively by layering or cuttings.

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