Varieties of violets with photos

One of the wonderful home plants that you cannot help but love, which you cannot pass by is, of course, the violet. You can endlessly consider various varieties of violets with photos and admire them.

The history of the "domestication" of violets began at the end of the 19th century, when the first violet flower with red-violet petals was obtained. And at the beginning of the 20th century, the development of new varieties of Saintpaulia (this is the second name for violets) was put on stream. The first double flowers, flowers with spots appeared, and in 1940 - the first plants with white flowers. By the 50s, there were more than two dozen different varieties, with flowers of various shades.

Today in the world there are already thousands of varieties uzambar violets. Hundreds of breeders, both foreign and domestic, worked on their breeding. Thanks to this work, violets appeared, of various shades, shapes of flowers and leaves, sizes. In order to describe all varieties of violets with a photo, you will need more than one page (there is clearly not enough space on the site), so we will only manage with the basic classification, which distinguishes violets by color, shape, and type of flower.

  • Hemmed Saintpaulias are distinguished by a border around the edge of the flower.
  • If there is a violet flower that seems to have been splattered with paint, then this fantasy Saintpaulia.
  • Under the unsympathetic word "chimera"There is a very pretty violet flower, which is painted with stripes of different colors.
  • Classic type violets are a simple flower with five petals.
  • Star-shaped the type of violet is a violet with a flower that has identical petals with a pointed end.
  • Violet "bell". As the name implies, the flower is shaped like a bell.

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