How to root grape cuttings correctly

Amateur gardeners, wishing to plant a new variety of grapes they like in the country, often ask themselves the question, how to root grape cuttings, because this is the most important point on which the success of the whole process will depend in the future. I must say that there are many ways of rooting grape cuttings, each of them has its own disadvantages and advantages.

The most common way is by cuttings. It is recommended to take wood cuttings from the middle part of a one-year-old shoot. The length of the cutting should be from 25 to 40 cm, at least two buds should be located on it, but sometimes up to 4 buds may be required.

One of the most visual ways of rooting can be considered rooting in glassware... It should start in February-March, this method makes it possible to daily monitor the condition of the cuttings and allows you to timely determine their ability to root, as well as monitor the safety of the eyes. At the bottom of the jar, into which the cuttings will be placed, melt water or rainwater is poured, as its amount decreases, water must be added, the current so that its layer is about 2.5 cm. The jar with shafts should be in a warm place (the recommended temperature is 23 to 27 degrees).

When asked how to root grape cuttings, you can often hear a hint that the rooting process is much more efficient when using solution that stimulates root formation... You can also use solutions of Epin and succinic acid. Excellent effect, and not only on the speed of germination, but also on increasing the immunity of the plant salicylic acid... Aspirin and activated charcoal have the same effective effect.

But it must be borne in mind that if auxin-like rooting stimulants must be used carefully, then your shafts will not need minerals exactly - their development occurs due to the accumulated nutrients in the vine.

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