Physalis strawberry and features of its cultivation

Physalis - an annual plant, as well as tomatoes, peppers and eggplants, it belongs to the nightshade family. On garden plots in our strip you can find physalis decorative and physalis, which is grown as vegetable culture.

In terms of care, the plant is no different from tomatoes, except that it does not require pinching, tying. Physalis care is extremely fast... Physalis's homeland is America.

One of the most common vegetable plant species is Strawberry Physalis. It has not very large fruits, amber-yellow or red in color, having a good taste and pleasant aroma. Ripe fruits become transparent, the grains inside them are clearly visible in the light.

It is best to plant plants in open ground with 40-day-old seedlings, which are grown in the same way as tomato seedlings. Physalis can be planted 10 days earlier than tomatoes, the plant is not afraid of frost. Seedlings can be planted slightly thicker than tomato seedlings. The land under Physalis should be systematically weeded, and the plant is also sensitive to watering, top dressing.

Physalis ripening occurs simultaneously with the ripening of early tomatoes. Drying of the "cover" in which the fruit is located can be considered a sure sign of fruit ripening. You can harvest as the berries ripen.

Physalis strawberry fruits can be stored for a long time, due to the fact that each of them is hidden in a "bag". Physalis fruits can retain a pleasant taste for one and a half months.

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