Proper planting and care of honeysuckle

Honeysuckle is a perennial shrub. Planting and caring for honeysuckle begins with preparing the soil. m.

Plants should be planted at a distance of 1.5 meters from each other. Put fertilizers in each hole, this will have a good effect on growth in the first 5 years.

Under each bush, add up to 15 kg of compost or manure, 160 g of superphosphate, 70 g of potassium salt. Mix the fertilizer mixture well with the topsoil. This mixture is added to the pits before planting.

Planting period from spring to autumn. Only it is not recommended to plant honeysuckle during the period of active growth of shoots, this is May - June.

Before planting, the honeysuckle bushes are prepared. Carefully examine, removing broken branches and roots. Long roots are shortened to 30 cm. Planting must be very careful so as not to damage the buds. The bush is placed in the center of the pit on a fertilizer hill. The horses are evenly spread over the fertile mound and covered with earth. It is advisable to compact the soil around the planted plants. When watering, one bucket of water leaves one bush. After watering, the soil is mulched with peat, humus. You can take the land from the aisles.

Plants do not need to be cut after planting. Only in cases where the root system and the bush itself were damaged during planting, in this case 1/3 of the plant is removed.

If you suddenly need to transplant a fruiting bush up to 5 years of age from one place to another, then it is better to do it in the fall. It will be necessary to dig a hole with a size of 70X70 and a depth, add a double portion of organic and mineral fertilizers to it.

Correct planting and caring for honeysuckle is good for its growth and fruiting.

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