Oregano in the photo. Growing oregano

Oregano is one of those versatile plants that will decorate the garden, and how they are used as a spice, and have healing properties. Oregano in the photo It looks just great, I can't even believe that these delicate flowers, as well as greens, help treat insomnia, atherosclerosis, colds, hypertension and other diseases. It is harvested as a medicinal raw material, sold in pharmacies and markets. Gardeners often do not have time to run through the forests in search of medicinal plants, and simply prefer grow them in their beds., especially if they also decorate the garden.

Oregano is a rather unpretentious plant; you can choose a site for it in the sun or in partial shade. Soils can be anything. It is advisable to dig up the proposed planting site in the fall and add humus. If you grow oregano seeds, then you need to sow in March, at home, to get seedlings. They will rise in about a couple of weeks, and after the appearance of real leaves, they are seated in separate containers. Plants can be planted in the ground by mid-May.

Some gardeners don't bother with sowing. After seeing what oregano looks like in the photo before flowering, they are in early spring find her bushes in the forest and transplant them into their garden... The plant perfectly tolerates this procedure and takes root easily. Oregano practically does not get sick and is not attacked by pests, which are frightened off by a strong aroma, which is usually pleasant to people on the contrary. The plant blooms in June-July. lilac or pink inflorescences. For medicinal purposes, it is harvested during the flowering period.

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