Bobovnik garden and its types

Bobovnik - South European landscape gardening tree. It looks very impressive during flowering. All parts of this plant contain the poisonous alkaloid cytisine. The most popular is anagirolytic garden bean, popularly nicknamed "golden rain", having a straight trunk, smooth bark, branches turned upwards.

It is very similar to the "golden shower" alpine bean. It has smaller branches and leaves, smooth fruits. Its crown is domed, the shoots droop. It blooms later and is more frost-hardy than anagiroli. However, it is still difficult to grow it in the middle lane. If the plant will endure Russian winters, it will not freeze, it may simply not bloom or bloom very poorly. Bobovnik Vaterer is a hybrid of the previous two species and has a longer flowering and more spectacular clusters of inflorescences.

Bobovnik garden feels great and in the sun, and in partial shade... Prefers calcareous, loose, moist soils. It should be planted in late autumn or early spring. Young plants, until the root system develops properly, support is required. Sometimes these plants are used to create canopies, in which case formative pruning is required at an early stage. Leguminous plants reproduce by seeds, which are first sown in boxes in October in an unheated room. After germination, the seedlings are planted in pots, and in the spring - in a permanent place.

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