Cephalaria is an ornamental giant shrub

Ornamental plant Cephalaria is a member of the fleece family. The genus cephalaria has about 60 representatives.

Cephalaria is rhizome perennial, growing in a bush, reaching a height of 2 m. The leaves of the plant are pinnate, rather large. Cephalaria flowers have a lemon-yellow hue, they are collected in the form of capitate inflorescences. The plant blooms in May-June. Cephalaria is a winter-hardy plant, can be in one place for up to 10 years, while growing to an impressive size. No wonder the seeds of the plant are sold in a store called Cephalaria Giant.

You can plant a decorative shrub both in open places and along fences, walls - it withstands light shading normally. The plant is not demanding on soils, but with good watering and feeding it can reach very large sizes.

The shrub is propagated by seeds... They are quite large, oblong, slightly ribbed. Their ripening begins at the end of August, reproduction occurs by self-sowing, if the faded inflorescences are not cut off in time. Sowing seeds should be done in the fall - they need stratification... The active flowering of the shrub begins from the second year.

Cephalaria is used for planting on lawns. Its flowers attract a myriad of insects, including butterflies, the blooming Cephalaria with butterflies fluttering above it looks unusually attractive and picturesque.

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