Aquilegia in the photo - sophistication of shapes and colors

The flowers of the aquilegia are so exotic that it is difficult to describe them. In the gallery of flowers aquilegia pictured looks just great.

Aquilegia is a relative of buttercups, all familiar from childhood. Loved by many gardeners, she received several names: catchment - a literal translation from Latin of her scientific name; the flower of the elves was named for its unusual appearance; eagle - because of the decorative petals, similar to the claws of an eagle.

Mixed and cultivated varieties offer a huge variety of colors... Aquilegia in the photo emphasizes the sophistication of the shape and shade of flowers.

The height of the plant, depending on the species, varies from 15 centimeters to one meter.

A distinctive feature of aquilegia is unpretentiousness to soil and temperature conditions. Reproduction occurs by self-sowing with the help of a pod-shaped fruit that throws out black seeds after ripening. Aquilegia seeds remain viable for up to 2 or even up to 5 years (if properly stored in a dry place). Sow seeds at the end of April in a soil warmed up to a temperature of 16 degrees. Seedlings appear in a month. It begins to bloom in May-June, and some species - only by the end of summer, but flowering lasts a whole month. One flower retains its decorative appearance for almost a week. Some species sometimes bloom again in early fall.

If it is necessary to preserve the purity of the variety, the aquilegia is propagated by cuttings or by dividing the bush. Optimal planting conditions are drainage soil and light shade at noon during high sun times. But in general, this is a light-loving plant. Watering requires abundant regular watering.

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