Planting and caring for clematis: a few tips for flower growers

A tall climbing shrub called clematis - a real decoration of any personal plot... However, planting and caring for clematis nevertheless, they have several rules and subtleties, without which the plant may die.

So, clematis should be planted exclusively in places well protected from the wind, placing seedlings in planting pits with drainage from broken bricks, gravel and pebbles, placed on small artificial hills. The optimal time for planting plants is the beginning of May, when the soil has already completely thawed. It should also be borne in mind that clematis with a tap root system do not tolerate transplants very well, so they you need to plant immediately to a permanent place, selected taking into account the fact that over time the plant grows and becomes large enough.

The key to good development and abundant flowering of clematis is high-quality nutritious soil, therefore, the soil under the flower during the growing season must be fertilized regularly with organic fertilizers (but by no means manure). Do not forget about frequent abundant watering, which must be carried out at least once a week, and in the hot season - every three to four days, regular loosening of the earth and removing all weeds.

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