Growing bean

Bobovnik is a southern European ornamental plant. Long golden brushes of its inflorescences streaming between large trifoliate leaves. Many people have tried to implement growing bean in the middle lane, but, unfortunately, it cannot withstand our frosts, and if it does not die immediately, then it simply refuses to bloom. So I advise you to grow it only where the winters are mild, in any case, much to the south of Moscow.

Bobovnik loves loose fertile soils, and prefers sunny, inaccessible places for the wind. The growing season of the plant lasts from April to September, it usually blooms simultaneously with the blooming of the leaves and blooms for 20-30 days... During flowering, it looks especially advantageous in the company of conifers. Bobovniki are not planted in groups, they look more spectacular one at a time. After flowering, fruits are formed in the form of flat brown beans, but do not try to taste them. And the fruits, and greens, and bean flowers are poisonous.

Growing legumes assumes that the land during the growing season will be constantly moisturized, otherwise a capricious plant will bloom poorly, or will not bloom at all. Leguminous plant propagates by seeds and vegetatively. The planting material can be a part of the bush obtained as a result of division, green cuttings and layering. Seedlings also grow rapidly and, under favorable conditions, will bloom for 3-4 years, and will delight you for about a hundred years. Varietal legumes are propagated by grafting.

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