Caring for room gerbera, basic rules

Gerbera today it is familiar to many of us, its flowers are similar to chamomile, only their color is more saturated, juicy and bright. Room gerbera care not as complicated as it might seem at first, not without reason, these flowers have become very popular in our time.

For growing gerberas at home, there were bred special dwarf species... Home gerbera reaches a height of up to 25 cm, its flowers can be both small and large, have a white, yellow, red, orange or cherry color.

Caring for a room gerbera is quite simple, but you still need to know some features. You should never immediately transplant a plant into a new container that was just brought from another place, and you should also not water it. After the "move", the gerbera must acclimatize within two weeks... It is best to transplant this houseplant in the spring, for this you need to carefully remove the plant from the pot with a large lump of earth so as not to damage the roots, and then place the flower in a container, the bottom of which is covered with drainage.

Gerbera doesn't like organic, so it is not necessary to add humus to the soil. This plant loves bright light, feels good at a temperature of 22 degrees, it is not afraid of drafts, the room should be well ventilated.

It is difficult to imagine proper care for a room gerbera without abundant and frequent watering, this plant loves water, the soil in the pot should not be dry, but you should not fill the flower either.

Observing all these rules of care, you can grow a very beautiful flowering plant at home.

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