Steppe cherry

Steppe cherry is a shrub that grows in Northern Kazakhstan, Eastern Europe and the Caucasus. Of course, the taste and size of "wild" cherries is inferior to ordinary ones.

Steppe cherry became the basis for I.V. Such well-known cherry varieties as Polevka, Pionerka, Ideal, Fertile Michurina and many other equally well-known varieties were introduced.

Description of steppe cherry

Shrubs of steppe cherry from 50 cm to 2 meters in height, oblong leaves, flowers, ordinary, white. Cherry fruit diameter is from 8 to 15 mm. The shape of the fruit can be varied: spherical, oval, pear-shaped, elongated. The color of the fruit can be yellow with a red side, cherry or even black.

Steppe cherry begins to bloom in late April, early May, and ripens in June or July. Steppe cherry propagates by root shoots or vegetatively. You can vaccinate the shoots or use cuttings.

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