Ash tree in the photo

The tree, which is clearly visible in the photo, is a very beautiful deciduous plant with an equally beautiful and even somewhat romantic name "ash". The largest is white ash.


  • How to recognize an ash tree?
  • Where does ash grow and its use in the farm
  • Features of growing ash

Ash has always been revered by people in different parts of our planet. But the tree is especially beloved in the Caucasus. Ash groves and even individual trees that are considered sacred are protected by mountaineers from generation to generation. At the foot of these trees, sacrifices were and are being offered. Usually, these offerings are dairy products due to the peace-loving nature of this people.

How to recognize an ash tree?

In the photo, the ash tree has a variety of leaves and a symmetrical structure. Ash leaves are green, and in autumn they turn into yellow or crimson-burgundy. In spring, the flowering is not very noticeable, the fruits are more noticeable, the winged seeds of which of a light brown hue hang in clusters and remain on the tree until winter.

But it should be noted that leaves bloom much later than many other deciduous trees. The trunk is gray in color with diamond-shaped grooves that appear in adulthood. The crown of the ash tree is round and very beautiful in shape.

Where does ash grow and its use in the farm

Ash grows well in fertile and moist soils, it needs good lighting and enough free space. Ash reaches 25 meters in height, and the crown width is up to 30 meters. It perfectly tolerates a gas-polluted atmosphere, at least very patiently.
At all times, man has used all parts of ash in the household.

Young buds and bark were collected and used as rubbing for a variety of joint diseases. But a decoction of leaves and bark was used as a cure for fever. If the ash had already reached a large size, then the bark was quite suitable for hives. These ash beehives were quite roomy.

Ash is a tree with a very valuable wood, from which wonderful and unique wooden crafts come out. Ash furniture is valued for its unique color and durability.

Features of growing ash

Since ash is very fond of sunlight, then for planting this tree you need to find just such an illuminated place. Where the tree will grow, the soil should not be too wet and salty in any case, it is better to let it be a place rich in organic matter, even somewhat dry (ash easily tolerates drought).

The distance between plants when planting should be no less than 5 m, ash does not like thickening. Before planting, the root of a young ash tree must be thoroughly saturated with water. Let the little tree sit in a container of water for a while. Only after that you can already plant it.

First you need to prepare the potting mix. To do this, take humus, sand and leafy earth in such proportions that there is as much humus as sand and earth combined. Then we will prepare the drainage, which we will pour into the hole. It can be ordinary fine gravel, and if it is not there, then sand is fine. We fill the drainage with a layer of about 15 cm.

After we plant a small ash tree, the soil will surely gradually settle. Therefore, when planting, the root should be raised slightly above ground level and then the soil should be mulched with peat or sawdust.

Ash must be fed if we want to get a beautiful and strong tree. In early spring or at its very end, after dissolving mullein, urea and saltpeter in very small proportions in a bucket of water, water the tree. But in the fall, nitroammofosk or kemira-wagon is best suited for feeding. These fertilizers are taken at the rate of 20 grams. 10 liters of water.

It is imperative to water the tree. The first time, of course, when landing, and then every day for three days. If the summer turned out to be especially dry, then you also need to water the ash twice a season. He tolerates a short drought perfectly, but from a longer drought it starts to hurt.

It is possible and necessary to loosen the ash when you weed the weeds around the tree (and this is also necessary).

Ash can be affected by the ash grinder and other insects and diseases, including cancer of trunks and branches. They use special preparations to get rid of pests, and the tree is saved from so-called cancer by cutting out cancerous ulcers, treating with antiseptic drugs and putty.

For ash, it is necessary to form a leading central shoot, general pruning is carried out to develop a strong structure. Broken, dead, diseased ash branches are removed to prevent the growth of various fungi or infection from other trees.

In some cases, living branches also need to be removed for better light penetration and air flow into the crown of the tree.

If you follow all the rules for caring for the tree, you will grow a very beautiful and powerful plant, the same as the tree in the photo - ash.

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