Growing lemon catnip at home

Lemon catnip, also often referred to as catnip, is a fairly large (often its height reaches a meter) perennial herb with a characteristic aroma and taste. In nature, the plant is found in the steppe and forest-steppe zones in meadows and household plots, however growing catnip it is quite possible at home.

The easiest way to grow catnip is by sowing seeds. The seed is planted at the end of winter in large boxes in even rows, so that there is 4-5 centimeters of free space between them. Then the boxes are covered with foil and sent to a warm place before the first shoots appear. When the first true leaves appear on the plants, they are dived into small pots, transferred to a colder place for several days (so that the plants do not stretch out), and then placed back in the heat.

When three or four true leaves appear on the catnip, it is necessary transplant to a permanent place in small (one and a half to two liters) pots, well squeezing the roots with earth and immediately watering. Further cultivation of catnip requires not only regular watering, but also pouring water into the trays in which the pots are located. Plant should be shaped regularly by cutting off lateral shoots and leaves, and also feed with a solution of any mineral fertilizer, taken in a proportion of 3-4 grams per liter of warm water.

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