Such a different Monarda in the photo

Probably few people don't like bergamot tea. And practically no one knows that bergamot is not only a citrus tree with aromatic fruits. Monard in the photo familiar to almost everyone, many grow a variety of varieties of this flower in their garden plots or garden beds.

Monarda came to Europe from North America, where it forms real weed thickets to this day. Moreover, there are a lot of species of this interesting plant. Let's start with the fact that Monards are both perennial and annual. These plants are divided and according to flower structure - simple flowers and terry, different colors - from snow-white to maroon. All Monards are united by their exceptional aroma - all parts of the plant are saturated with essential oil. Therefore, monards - excellent honey plants.

Monarda is not only an amazing ornamental plant, a good honey plant. She also has a number medicinal properties... The leaves of the plant have long been used in the treatment of wounds and burns. The thymol contained in them is natural antiseptic... Modern industry and pharmacology have taken this property of Monarda into account, and it is actively used in the manufacture of certain cosmetic preparations, for example, toothpastes.

Monarda leaves can be used as a culinary spice. It will add a special piquancy to fish dishes, salads. If the monarda is cut with the stem during the flowering period and dried in a shaded place, hanging it down with the flower, then it will form the basis of the winter bouquet.

Take a closer look at Monarda in the photo - a beautiful and interesting plant.

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