Apple tree care in spring

When decorating their garden, many gardeners decide to have such a beautiful tree as an apple tree. After all, the fruits of this tree are very tasty and, most importantly, healthy. Apple tree care in spring, in the fall and at other times of the year it will not cause much trouble, but the result will be pleasing, because the fruits obtained will bring a lot of joy.

Caring for apple trees in spring, the most important thing involves pruning. For young trees, it is necessary to form a crown every year. If the crown is formed correctly, then the tree will begin to bear fruit earlier, and the yield will be much larger. In this case, the tree will be frost-resistant and durable. The first pruning should be done in early spring, before the buds swell. In the second year, pruning is carried out after transplanting.

Watering also plays an important role. In the first year after planting, trees need to be watered several times over the summer - about 3-4 times. In this case, use 4 buckets per tree. After watering, the soil should be slightly mulched with humus or loose soil.

If the summer is very dry, especially if the tree is planted on sandy soils, then the apple trees should be watered before bud break, then 20 days after flowering ends, as well as 20 days before harvest and during leaf fall. During the ripening period, watering should not be done, otherwise the fruits may crack from an excess of moisture.

Don't forget about fertilizers, because it is the key to good fruiting. In order for the apple trees to grow well, it is necessary to apply a complex of organic and mineral fertilizers. This will allow you to get the maximum harvest.

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