Drip irrigation of potatoes and its benefits

Drip irrigation or drip irrigation is undoubtedly an important discovery in agriculture. The invention of metering automatic irrigation dates back to the 30s of the last century, and has been used on an industrial scale since the 1960s.
The drip irrigation system includes:
• droppers for dosed water supply;
• pipeline;
• shut-off valves;
• taps and valves;
• filters;
• automatic mortar units (for the preparation of fertilizers).
1. Keeping soil moisture within optimal limits.
2. Ensuring intensive respiration of the roots.
3. Better root development.
4. The use of the incoming water by the plant is 100%.
5. Efficient fertilization.
6. Increasing the yield of potatoes by 2 times.
7. Saving water up to 60%.
8. Reducing the possibility of plant infection with diseases.
9. The soil between the rows remains dry.
10. Prevention of soil erosion.
11. Reducing the complexity of the process.
12. Ensuring energy savings.
13. Possibility of watering at any time.
14. Reducing the growth of weeds.
Do not think that by making holes in the hose yourself, you will create a good drip irrigation system. The correct design of the drip hose creates and maintains a constant pressure inside it throughout its entire length.

Watch the video: Drip irrigation for potatoes - Pizzoli SpA SUB ENG (January 2022).