Iberis annual - fragrant modest

Growing flowers in your garden is a lot of fun. That's Iberis annual - An unremarkable flower with an exquisite bright aroma.

Who would have thought that this floral modest, with an amazingly beautiful aroma, is a close relative of cabbage. Yes, Iberis belongs to the cruciferous family and is related to cabbage and radish. The main types of Iberis annual, which gardeners like to grow, are two:

  • Iberis is umbrella. Its very name speaks of the flowers arranged in the form of an umbrella. A cap of flowers - white, pink or lilac, covers the plant, hiding it from prying eyes.
  • Iberis bitter - has flowers collected in a cone-shaped inflorescence, which is very similar to hyacinths

Annual Ibrises, like their perennial counterparts, are quite unpretentious. They are not too demanding on the soil, they do not like only sour and damp soil. They love the sun, but thrive well in light shade. A feature of Iberis can be considered that he really, really does not like transplanting. That is why experienced gardeners advise for Iberis to immediately determine a permanent place of residence.

Since Iberis is a cruciferous plant, it is, like cabbage, loved by various pests, for example, an earthen flea. Therefore, in order to preserve all the beauty of flowers, they must be treated with pest control products in a timely manner.


Watch the video: Iberis sempervirens Snowsation Candytuft (January 2022).