Tree peony in the photo - the sophistication of the oriental garden

Peonies, in their splendor of flowering, sophistication of aroma and beauty, are practically in no way inferior to the queens of flowers of roses. But they bloom only once a season, so if you want to keep pleasant memories for the whole winter, capture your tree peony in the photo.

Eastern guest
Tree peonies came to our region from China. Only six species of peonies are considered tree-like due to the special structure of their stems, which do not die off for the winter. These are deciduous shrubs, characterized by spectacular decorative leaves, large, bright, fragrant flowers with slightly corrugated petals. The tree-like peony is a unique plant: no shrub can boast of such large fragrant flowers, especially in such an amount. The height of this plant can reach 2-2.5 meters. With proper care, plants can live for 100 and 200 years; there are cases when tree peonies are even up to 500 years old! Tree peonies grow very slowly, but every year the number of luxurious flowers on the bush increases and eventually reaches 30-50, and sometimes hundreds!

Since the tree peony grows slowly and is exposed to the difficulty of reproduction, it still remains exotic for our gardens. But once seeing a tree peony in the photo, many lovers try to decorate their site with this beautiful plant. Moreover, today at the services of landscape designers are a huge number of hybrids, which differ in a variety of shapes and colors of flowers. So, in addition to graceful simple flowers, there are hybrids of a tree-like peony with an exquisite double or semi-double shape.

How to grow a tree peony?

  • A tree peony will grow well in a sunny, sheltered place. Bright sunlight will allow the shrub to bloom more abundantly, but the flowers will bloom longer and fade less under the diffused sunlight.
  • It is advisable to drain the soil for a tree peony, fertilize with humus and process it well. The shrub prefers sufficiently moist, alkaline soil.
  • The optimal time for planting a tree peony is from August to September.

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