Intoxicating, alluring lavender

There are many types of this flower. French and cotton, sea and mountain. Glorified by Sofia Rotaru, she evokes a slight nostalgia, tender romantic feelings in many of our compatriots. Thanks to aromatic essential oils even in ancient Rome, lavender was used during bathing, adding to the bath. Lavender twigs were burned to protect the house from infectious diseases... Today, this cool and soft floral scent is widely used in perfumery, lavender aromatic oils have a calming effect, relieve stress, fatigue, and headache.

Lavender drought tolerant and loves poor soils more than heavy wet soils. Propagated by cuttings or seeds. An adult plant is quite frost-hardy, it can survive even 30 degrees below zero. Lavender is planted most often in October, and if these are seeds, then even later, in November, before the onset of frost. Caring for her involves an abundance of light and warmth... In the spring, the bushes are pruned, and as soon as they bloom, they harvest. To properly dry the inflorescences, you need to choose shaded ventilated place.

Lavender in the photo looks very nice. The modest flowers have a rich tone, they seem to exude scent even through the monitor.

In addition to the light aromatherapy that many women use today, lavender is also used in medicine. to remove slags... She has choleretic, antiseptic, antitoxic, healing, pain reliefother and many other useful properties.

In some countries it is quite popular. spice. Vegetables and fish, salads and lamb are seasoned with lavender. In supermarkets, you can find herbal teas containing these fragrant blue flowers.

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