How to sow lobelia

If you want to create a beautiful floral border that will bloom all summer long - then choose lobelia... Perhaps he will become your favorite too, it is worth trying!

To have a lobelia on your balcony or flower bed, you can buy ready-made seedlings or sow the seeds yourself... The first option is less troublesome, but it is much more pleasant to watch the descent of first-born seedlings in bowls and wait for real leaves to transplant these greens into open ground.

Newbies often have a question, how to sow lobelia... Most of the excitement is caused by too small seed size. They are actually impossible to count, so microscopic. Experts recommend pick up seeds with a wet toothpick or by sprinkling them evenly on a sheet of paper or other surface, dip the little finger pillow and press it to the ground.

The more accurately you sow, the easier it will be to dive and plant later. You can sow simply from a bag (if it is plastic) by making a small hole and gently fingering with your fingers. Very convenient to sow granular lobelia... A whole bunch of plants then emerges from each granule.

Watering should also be very gentle, preferably with a spoon or spray bottle (at a safe distance). On cloudy days, they may not appear for a long time. For fast germination, a temperature of +22 and above is needed. And only then, so that the finished seedlings do not die, you need provide them with long, but moderate lighting, relative coolness... Be careful not to overmoisten the lobelia. You need to dive and plant this plant in bunches.

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