How to revive tulips and what you need to do to make them last longer

If you were presented with a bouquet of tulips or you simply decided to please yourself with the flowers you like or cut your tulips in your own garden, then you should not immediately put them in vases.

So that they please you longer and then not torment yourself with the question "how to revive tulips?" This is done so that tulips get less stress, they do not like changes in temperature and changes in places, so they need to be given time to get used to the new room. And at night, it is generally better to transfer tulips to a place where the temperature is not higher than eighteen degrees.

You should also put tulip vases where there is no drafts, too bright sunlight, batteries, away from windows and doors.

Water is very important for tulips, if you are using tap water, then it is worth defending it so that the chlorine "goes away" and so that it becomes room temperature. In order for the tulip water not to sour, you need to either change it every day, which is preferable, or take a regular washing powder, just on the tip of a knife, or a teaspoon of table salt or a cube of refined sugar or an aspirin tablet and add it to the water. It is necessary to constantly monitor the water level of tulips, they love to drink.

How to bring tulips to life?

If the petals begin to dry out, you need to start spraying the flowers. You can also cut the stems under running water again and change the water in the vase. Removing stamens from flowers and immersing flowers in cold water for several hours will help.

If tulips have drooping buds, and the stems have become soft, then this method of revitalization can help - wrap each flower tightly in newspaper, leaving a small space at the top, and put it in a container filled to the brim with warm water.

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