How to reanimate roses after winter frost?

How to reanimate roses after winter frost?

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It is not for nothing that the rose bears the proud title of the queen of flowers: even one modest bush of this plant can become a real decoration of any garden. However, a garden rose is a rather capricious flower, and it tolerates winter frosts especially badly. That is why every gardener, whose area is decorated with thorny bushes, has repeatedly wondered about how to revive roses.

So, how to revive roses, if low temperatures in winter literally "killed" the plants "? Determine how shrubs survived the winter, it will be possible in early May... Unfortunately, a rose without a single living bud and with completely dried branches cannot be saved. If at least one living bud or a small green piece of a branch appears on the bush, the plant will live, but it needs help. You can try withequip the plant with a kind of greenhouse: cut off the bottom from a large (at least five-liter bottle) and place it over the bush without closing the lid. A young plant can be completely covered with soil, which must be watered as it dries.

An old plant that cannot be covered with earth or covered with some kind of greenhouse shelter will help carrying out an operation to clean up the vaccine... The graft must be excavated and, if it consists of stumps alone, cut them down. Then, the old bark should be completely removed from the vaccination so that it does not interfere with the growth of dormant buds. However, it must be borne in mind that such an event can only be carried out if if there are no awakened buds on the plantotherwise they can simply be broken.

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