Growing gelichrizum - care features

In order to grow gelichrizum on your site, you do not need any special conditions. The plant belongs to cold-resistant and sun-loving. Growing gelichrizum start with getting seedlings. To do this, seeds are sown in pots in the ground in early March, and when small shoots appear transferred to separate pots or to a greenhouse.

You can transplant into open ground in the beginning of May, since by this time the earth had already warmed up thoroughly. There are varieties of gelichrizum, the seeds of which can be sown directly into the ground. Usually these are undersized varieties. They produce beautiful flowers that are easy to dry (they do not lose their appearance during the drying process). But it begins flowering of such varieties only in the second half of August, so if you want to decorate your house or plot earlier, then it is better to sow seeds in pots.

When planting gelichrizum from the greenhouse, it is necessary to keep between them distance about 25 cm, since their root system is quite dense and widespread. Then they should be thinned out so that there are not many plants. Fertilizer is optional, but still when using them flowers appear more beautiful and brighter... Instead of special fertilizers, many gardeners use mullein infusion. Watering should be done well in hot weather. The rest of the cultivation of gelichrizum has no peculiarities.

It is necessary to cut the inflorescences at a certain period when the lower petals are already fully open, but the core is not yet. Then, during drying, the flowers will retain their beauty, and will not disintegrate into separate petals.

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