Growing nigella is within the power of everyone

Nigella is an annual plant. They differ in color of flowers, but the cultivation of nigella of all these varieties is about the same.

Growing conditions for nigella

The first thing to do if you decide to grow nigella is to prepare the soil in the fall, dig it up and add humus. In the spring, add a mineral mixture, form a bed and sow flowers. After the emergence of seedlings, the bed is thinned to a distance of 50 cm between the seedlings. Growing nigella does not tolerate cramped conditions. During dry periods, Nigella loves abundant watering. Loves this twig and weeding.

After the beginning of flowering, you will not get tired of marveling at the beauty of this flower. Nigella is also used as a spice. One of its names is “Roman coriander”. Nigella looks amazingly beautiful in flower beds and borders, Moorish lawns and dry bouquets. Even in winter, dried nigella boxes will delight your eyes, reminding you of the warm summer.

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