Lobelia in the photo

Lobelia in the photo is able to show its beauty, which will cause the desire to grow this beautiful plant at home. The leaves of this plant are pale green.

The lobelia genus contains more than 300 plant species, many of which are very splendid ornamental plants. With the help of lobelia, you can perfectly plant the garden, balconies, front gardens.

Lobelia is grown both in the ground and in the water. Lobelia may be herbaceous perennials or annuals, or shrubs, trees or dwarf shrubs.

This plant needs bright, diffused light. Room temperature is desirable, in winter to reach 6-8 degrees. It is very important to water the lobelia well in summer and moderately in winter. It is advisable to sometimes spray the flowers. Lobelia needs fertile soil. In this case, a mixture of compost, turf soil, sand, peat and leafy soil is used. This plant propagates with the help of a weight of seeds, which is produced from March in a loose, humus-rich soil. It is advisable to use direct sowing, while sowing 5 seeds.

It is necessary to transplant perennial lobelia in the month of May. If lobelia is an ampelous species, then it should be transplanted a little earlier - in the month of April.

Lobelia care is not difficult at all, but in the end you get a wonderful plant that pleases your eye, because it is bright flowering plant cannot leave anyone indifferent.

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