Boxwood evergreen - an affordable hedge for everyone

Overseas in private sectors are very popular evergreen hedges, with the help of which you can not only separate your territory, but also hide from inquisitive eyes. One of these shrubs is boxwood evergreen... This plant is quite easy to recognize due to its small and leathery leaves, which densely dot the branches of the plant itself.

Evergreen boxwood in our area is most often used for framing flower beds or for decorating a live backstage... It is easy to shape and from this shrub you can create the most intricate shapes to decorate a garden or area near the house. Very often it is used as a base or border for the main composition of plants, because green boxwood leaves are ideally combined with any color.

During the acquisition of boxwood, it is advisable to acquire container seedlings, which should already resemble a bush. The bush must be green, and there should be no bare shoots. Transplanting a boxwood from a container is quite simple, in addition, this plant easily takes root in a new soil for it.

In care the plant is very unpretentious. It must be watered more often if there is little natural water in the form of rain and timely treated against pests, if such appear on the bushes, for example, the box-tree beetle. The cone-shaped boxwood grows and develops faster than the standard form for shrubs, which is due to a sufficient amount of light on all branches of the plant. In winter, the severity of the snow can harm the branches of the shrub, so it is advisable to sweep it with the veto of the boxwood.

Watch the video: Buchsbaum Buxus Boxwood neu gestalten, re style (January 2022).