What water should you put tulips in?

For most of us, the beauty of a house is, in addition to beautiful furniture, good-quality repairs, and flowers. May and early June simply amaze the imagination with motley beauty blooming tulips... And flower shops, among the first spring flowers, which appear in abundance on the eve of March 8, offer these amazingly graceful flowers along with daffodils and carnations. AND what water to put tulips in, what would they please with their beauty as long as possible?

If tulips grow near a house on a personal plot, then, firstly, you should remember that to cut tulips, however, like all flowers, best early in the morning or in cloudy weather. Tulips can be cut when their buds have already gained color, but have not yet blossomed. After all, the buds will open in the afternoon. In order to keep cut tulips fresh as long as possible, you should remember one rule: how the cooler the better... Yes, it is in a cool room that tulips will remain non-fading longer than if they were standing in a hot or stuffy room. But you should not arrange cut tulips in a draft - flowers do not like this ...

Like other flowers, tulips need a little cleaning before placing them in the water. Such cleaning comes down to the fact that the extra leaves on the tulip, located at the bottom of the stem, should be removed, and the cut should be cut obliquely. The water for tulips should be neither warm nor cold. The room temperature of the separated water is the best option for such flowers. The water needs to be changed daily, as well as updating the cut of the flower stem. Also, for the well-being of cut tulips, you can add a little potassium permanganate or charcoal to the water.

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