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Cochia - This is an annual flower that belongs to the family of Hibiscus, a plant native to China. Kohia has fluffy green bushes and small leaves... Summer leaves of kochia pale green, and in the fall they gradually blush and turn pinkthan adding bright colors to the garden. The fruit is a one-seeded nut.

There are about 80 species of this plant. Cochia can have a pyramidal, oval shape, be in the form of dwarf shrubs. This plant is sheared, creating the necessary shape.

Kochia in the photo looks great, it is perfect for decorating an alpine slide or flower bed. The height of the kokhia reaches up to one meter. Kohia loves sunny and bright places, although it applies well to partial shade. Prefers soil fertile and well-drained, but with sufficient fertilization, kochia is not demanding on the soil. It is desirable to choose a place sheltered from the wind or plant seedlings tightly.

At the beginning of growth, kohiyu needs water and periodically feedb fertilizers. In dry and dry weather, the plant especially needs watering. Of the fertilizers, complex mineral and nitrogen fertilizers are chosen. Fertilizer should always be applied after mowing.

Kohia is also called annual cypress or broom grass... Propagate kohija using seedthat are planted in a greenhouse or soil. Seedlings love light and can tolerate slight frosts, but it is advisable to plant them in open ground when it gets warmer. Kochia loves freedom and space, so you should not plant other plants tightly next to it.

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