The most suitable potato varieties for the Northwest

Climatic regime is one of the most important factors that have a significant impact on the cultivation of horticultural and horticultural crops, affect the choice of plant varieties and the process of caring for them. Thus, the weather conditions in the northwestern regions dictate the need for planting early, mid-early and mid-season potato varieties: late varieties, due to the peculiarities of temperature indicators, do not have time to ripen, which leads to significant damage to the tubers during harvesting and a reduction in their shelf life.

Most suitable potato varieties for the Northwest - these are Amorosa and Zhukovsky early. Both varieties are extremely high-yielding, have a table purpose and have excellent taste, good keeping quality. In addition, Amorosa is highly resistant to diseases such as late blight, scab, fusarium, as well as to the defeat of all sorts of pests. Zhukovsky in this regard is not so attractive, since he is quite susceptible to late blight, macrosporiosis and scab.

No less suitable potato varieties for the Northwest - Impala, Latona and Karatop. The main advantages of the Impala are resistance to potato cancer, scab and damage to tubers, as well as to unfavorable weather conditions and a fairly high keeping quality. As for Latona and Karatopa, their indicators of resistance to the above diseases are somewhat lower. In addition, these varieties, as well as Amorosa are of foreign origin (they were bred in the Netherlands and Germany), so caring for them will have a number of features.

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