Strawberry Black Prince

Strawberry or strawberry is a perennial plant that belongs to a species of the genus Strawberry from the Pink family. After all, the color, shape, taste and ripening period of the berry depend on the variety.


  • Properties of the Black Prince
  • Growing strawberries Black Prince
  • Strawberries for the winter

There are strawberries with pineapple, raspberry, strawberry flavors, with berries of various shapes and sizes. So, many gardeners are interested in what the Black Prince strawberry is.

Properties of the Black Prince

This variety is of medium ripening, with dark red, almost black, dense (without voids in the middle), rather large, truncated conical berries, which almost do not become smaller during ripening. The berries of the Black Prince are juicy, fragrant and sweet to taste, do not crumple during transportation.

The black prince is high yielding, resistant to drought and disease, wintering well. In one place, this strawberry can be grown for up to 10 years, and the number of antennae decreases every year. Young bushes are small, leaves are dark green. The older the plants, the greater the yield.

Growing strawberries Black Prince

The yield of this variety is quite high, if all growing conditions are correctly observed. The black prince loves suspended, light soil with high aeration rates. It can be gray forest soil or black soil. If you plant it in clay soil, its root system will get sick from excess moisture and lack of air. In the area where the Black Prince grows, the groundwater should be located as deep as possible. In the spring, water should not linger on it. In winter, plants must be protected from wind and prolonged stagnation of cold air.

The best time to plant the Black Prince is in the fall (September), when there is a lot of moisture in the soil and the air temperature is moderate. Plants have time to take root and gain strength for wintering. But you can plant the Black Prince in the spring - in April or May. You can not plant the Black Prince on an area where potatoes or tomatoes grew. Planting strawberries after legumes or grains is ideal.

For reproduction, antennae are selected, which are located first from the mother bush. When planting, make sure that the roots are at the level of the soil. If the strawberries are planted too deeply, the growing point will not develop. If the roots are on the surface, the plant will dry out.

The first two weeks after planting, the seedlings must be watered abundantly. Regular watering is also necessary during flowering. But at the beginning of ripening, watering should be stopped - they impair the taste of the berries. You need to think about this immediately after landing. To prevent the plants from drying out after the cessation of watering, the beds must be mulched.

Every year the bushes of the Black Prince look more and more like huge balls. By the fifth year, up to 20-30 rods are formed on each bush. The antennae must be removed every year, the plants must be fed and mulched with a layer of about 10 cm.

Strawberries for the winter

Strawberry fruits are eaten with great pleasure by both adults and children. But not everyone loves strawberry jam, so for the winter they rub it with sugar and freeze it. It does not last long in the refrigerator.

The berries must be washed and rubbed with a wooden pestle. If you use a meat grinder or blender, most of the vitamins will be lost. The mashed berry is mixed with sugar and left until it is completely dissolved (the amount of sugar depends entirely on the tastes of the hostess). Then the mass is laid out in plastic bags and placed in the freezer.

Even in the freezer, strawberries with sugar do not completely freeze, the mass simply becomes denser. When the package is opened in winter, there is a complete feeling that the berry is straight from the garden - both aroma and taste are preserved.

Often, strawberries are also used:

  • for the production of wines and liqueurs;
  • in cosmetology;
  • berries and leaves are used in folk medicine as a diuretic and diaphoretic for colds and anemia.

In folk medicine, strawberries are used to treat vitamin deficiency and strengthen the immune system. In addition, this berry thins the blood, rejuvenates, fills a person with energy, and is an excellent cosmetologist. If you consume fresh strawberries regularly, you can not think about spring vitamin deficiency or lack of minerals in the body.

Strawberry leaves should be picked in late August or early September. You can dry them both in the air and in the oven. For angina, flu, bowel disorders or kidney problems, take a teaspoon of dry leaves and pour half a liter of boiling water. Divide the tea into 3-4 parts and drink during the day.

To grow strawberries, you do not need special skills, the main thing is to have a great desire, as well as time to take care of it. Since the berry is not very demanding, even a novice gardener can cope with its cultivation.

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